Saturday, August 17, 2013


I don't know if I made anyone aware of this, I hate mowing grass. I don't hate anything such a nasty word! But I hate mowing grass! What a waist of precious time. I have 2 acres here. The front yard is probably a third of that. There is a row of pine trees along the road, then there is a row of silver maples after that. So road pines, maples, house. So the front yard is pretty much shade. I wonder if my neighbors would get mad if I planted understory trees like dogwoods, and redbuds then fill it in with some shrubs and a boat load of bulbs like daffodils. Kind of like a woodland lot. (I honestly don't care what the neighbors say, I always say if you don't like the way I look, don't look at me. But I do my best to keep the peace)
Then the back yard is wide open. Over the years I have kind of divided into thirds. My garden, chicken coops and pens are on 1 third, and other 2 thirds have the pig run, a incomplete hoop house, the bee yard and a grape arbor, with a few trees here and there. There is still alot of grass to mow. I want to turn the whole back yard into garden, flower beds, fruit trees etc, with paths walking through everything. I would rather spend my time weeding and mulching them mowing. And no I don't have a barn for sheep or goats that could mow for me. But when I am rich and famous that will be goal, yeah a barn. That would be so cool!
Anyway that's my rant on grass, I guess I will go fix the damn tractor!