Friday, November 29, 2013

coop ready for winter

I finally had time to work on the coop to get it ready for winter, right before the snow storm.
When it comes to cleaning the coop, I use what I call the lazy man method, or in other words the deep litter method.

This is suppose to be a frizzle, I don't think he is though. That is one of my Easter eggers behind him, giving me the evil chicken eye!😊

Here is most of he girls and boys getting ready for bed!

I use dual heat lamps in my 8x14 coop. I cant stress enough if you use these kind of heat lamps make sure that they are well anchored to the wall. They will get knocked down! They will cause a fire!

I just use straw on the floor and nest boxes. I also throw straw out in the run, the girls love to scratch in it.