Sunday, November 10, 2013


I went for a little walk in the garden this morning, holding on for dear life, the wind is nasty today. I was looking at all the things I have not done yet. That's me mister last minute or not at all. I have not figured out how to balance the 12 hour a day full time job and my gardening. I think something has to go and its not the garden.
Any way I got a little surprise apparently my lettuce went to seed and I have lettuce in the garden in November. That is something I wanted to do for the last several years, and just haven't had time. Or that's my excuse anyway. I need to quit making excuses and get it done.
I want and need to start planting a fall garden.
This is Forellenschluss lettuce. Its is an heirloom variety, and the name stands for speckled trout. It is very delicious (does not taste like trout) and it is quite heat tolerant And apparently it is quite cold tolerant, we have had several frosts and it is looking yummy. There will be fresh salad for dinner tonight.