Saturday, November 30, 2013

Introducing Ki Ki the cat.

I'm sitting here looking at my old blogs and noticed, I don't have hardly any blogs on our pets. Well let me introduce Ki Ki. She is about 5years old, we got her from the APL, hoping she would become our great chipmunk killer. Well that's not working out to well, cats are kind of nocturnal and chipmunks are not. Anyway, Ki Ki loves to go outside except when its cold or snowy. When the weather is bad she refuses to go out and is completely bored out of her mind. She also has to be led to her food bowl several times a day. She will come to you and meow and meow until you take her to her food bowl. Now I could see if her bowl was empty and she came and got us to say "hey I need food". But no her bowl is over flowing and she still has to be shown.
This empty box is sitting on its side on top of another empty box sitting on its edge, she jumped from the back of the couch and landed inside the box without knocking it over. The box was only there for about 10 minutes before she decided to check it out.