Saturday, January 4, 2014

Another Hobby

I think I need help. Why I need another hobby I really don't know. I got this cool book on how to make insects using beads. Yes beads. So on top of hobby farming, gardening, bee keeping, candle making, collecting coins, collecting stamps I now am beading. Some one help me. What this has to do with a farm blog I don't know, I was just sharing, so you all can laugh at a guy beading.

Can you tell its the top right wing? The colors aren't the same, I couldn't find them in the store, so I am just winging it. (ha ha) I don't think all the spaces are suppose to be in there, maybe it is not pulled tight enough I don't know. Still not bad for my first time. Isn't beading something that girls do? My wife says maybe I will become a famous jewelry maker.(By the way I have done cross stitching before too!)