Monday, January 20, 2014

Misc Stuff

Sorry for not posting lately, after my 2week vacation over the holidays, I went back to work, and it has been a nut house ever since. It is all I can do to go to work, come home do what chores need done and go to bed.

I have managed to quit smoking! Yay me! Ok its only been a week, but for someone who smokes a pack and a half a day, I think that is a huge accomplishment!

To help with the no smoking I have been working on my beading of the insects. To keep my mind off of smoking, and it has helped plus I got one of the butterflies done.
I have also been making more candles, hoping to stock pile them, to sell at the farmers market this spring.
It seems the animals have made it through the polar vortex a couple weeks ago. Peacomb the rooster has some frost bite on the top of his comb.
And I also found a local farm that is selling organic chicken feed. It is a little more in price than the commercial feed at TSC or the feed store, but it is ground right on the farm, and has all the essential minerals and everything and its local. I don't have to pay for shipping. I bought it from Breakneck acre Farm, I dumped in a bag with their commercial feed last week to get them transitioned over to the good stuff. I am hoping to have them completely on the organic stuff by next week.
The new organic food is in mash form, and their old food is in the crumble form, so there is some adjusting on their part. But if they are hungry they will eat it. And actually they are holding out for sun flower seeds. With the polar vortex I upped their rations of sun flowers and now they are spoiled they are not eating that much feed because they want the sun flower seeds. So I lowered their sunflower seed intake, and they are not happy about it.
My wife has been making soap,
the big waffle looking one is shea butter soap,

this one still stuck in mold, is tea tree and bentonite soap, both need cut into bars, then cure for a couple more weeks and it will be ready to use.