Sunday, January 26, 2014


These are yesterdays chicken photos that I thought I would share. Yesterday morning we only had about 4" of snow, so instead of getting the tractor out, I thought I would shovel, and maybe burn off some winter pudge. It wasn't that bad. And then begin the ritual of feeding and carrying water buckets began. But I got a nice reward in the end.
The reward 16 eggs! Thank you girls!

The dreaded water buckets, I really need to figure out how to install a water line so it wont freeze in Ohio's winters.

The girls got some black oil sunflower seeds to help with the cold. When all of them are eating it sounds like pop corn popping, its too funny. They have been holding out for the sun flower seeds, or maybe they are filling up on the seeds, it doesn't seem like they have been eating their feed as much. They haven't gone outside in about week also, even though I have shoveled a path and put down straw for them to walk on. This is just a couple of the girls the rest are being camera shy.