Sunday, October 13, 2013

Garden neglect!

This what happens when you don't go in your garden for a month!
It turns into a weed mess! It is too bad we don't eat weeds, my beds are full of oxalis, lambs quarter, and purslane. I have actually tried all 3 before. The oxalis and lamb quarter are not bad, the purslane is another story, yuck! My chickens love the oxalis also. Hmm... I wonder how many people out there eat lamb quarter and oxalis n their salad? I wonder if that would be a niche to get into at farmers markets? Who anyone pay for a weed? Than again why would you pay for a tomato when you can grow your own? I might be on to something!

Above is the picture of my beds ,full of lambs quarter and oxalis,  if I could sell it I wouldn't have to weed anymore.