Sunday, October 13, 2013

Garden Therapy!

So I went out and weeded a couple beds to get ready to plant some garlic, and then it started to rain. Dang it, I finally get time to get some garden therapy in and I get rained out!
So early this year I turned my traditional row garden into a raised bed garden, but I only made my beds 4 inches high. That's because I have been mending my soil for probably 10 years now. I get a big truck load of spoiled straw delivered  from Happy Trail Farm Sanctuary And I throw this on my garden, every where. Especially in the aisles. But the black gold that is left over on the bottom of the pile I put in the beds, and that is what you see below.

I have been doing this for years, so I didn't want to build deep beds and then add mixed soil on top like all the books talk about. I add all this organic matter in then I turn the soil over and there you have it beautiful soil. The worms are in heaven, and my soil is almost to the point where I can dig in it with no tools, just my bare hands.
Now if it would stop raining and dry out I could turn this over and plant my garlic.