Sunday, December 1, 2013

2nd attempt at candle making

I read up on candle making last night, I guess I should have done that first. I just read the instruction sheet that came with the kit. I got "Making candles and soaps for dummies" from the library. I just love this series of books. I received "Beekeeping for Dummies" a couple of Christmas's ago, and it is my bible of beekeeping, I use it all the time.
I said I read up on making votive candles and learned a few new tricks, so we will see what happens.
Double boiler again

I used Pam and greased the side of the molds. The book said to put wicks in molds and fill about 1/2" of wax, then moves wicks to the desired position. The paper that came with the kit said to put wicks in after pouring wax. So I poured 1/2" let it cool, poked holes around the week, and then poured another 1/2" and so on, until the mold was full. Then I let it set for a 1/2 hour and topped off the well and filled the mold to almost the point of over flowing.

see how the center around the wick is a darker color, that is what they call the well. It will dip down as the candle cools, and you have to refill the well, which I did not do last time.

Here they are cooling, they look much better, and you can see how the candle is pulling away from the mold already. I will post another pix when I pull them out.