Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sad day on the farm

Today was sad, but a necessity, feed is so darn expensive, and this is what they were raised for, not as pets. The turkeys and some older hens when to freezer heaven today. (I stole that from some else's blog, I apologize to who ever it is, I don't remember) but it is a nicer way of saying it.
The turkeys have been around for a year and a half. The Tom was a heritage breed bourbon red, and the hen was a heritage breed sweet grass. I got them with the thinking they would breed and give me baby turkeys so I wouldn't have to buy them in the spring. Well for 2 springs now, no baby turkeys, I don't know if it was because they were different breeds or what the problem was. I was getting turkey eggs for a while, then she stopped. And they are wrecking havoc on my poor chickens, so off they go.
I also sent 4 older chickens along, they just were not producing.
All my animals have the high life here on the farm, the chickens and turkeys, have a huge 1/3 acre pasture with grass and trees. They have a coop that is open all the time, they can and go as the please. They got fed and fresh water every day. They got day old bread at least once a week. Veggie scraps. Scratch as a treat every day. Stuff to climb on and in. They got freshly pulled weeds every day. So you can see they had a good life. They were also raised with no meds and hormones.
Poor Tom keeps sticking his head through the top of the cage.

I feel bad about the chickens, they had names. If your gonna name your farm animals name them after a meal, it helps. One of these chickens name was Kentucky Fried, my son named her.