Sunday, December 8, 2013

Poor Monty Dog

Monty had an emergency trip to the vet this morning. He has been vomiting this clear foamy, mucus like stuff, and we goes out to go potty he strains and strains but nothing comes out. After 3 days of this I decided to call the vet, and of course no one is open on Sundays except the vet hospital. So off we go, for a very expensive doggie visit. Ohh, I didn't mention, Monty is a sock chewer. So I have feeling he may be bound up, and this might really be expensive.
Doesn't he look pathetic, he usually loves going for a ride, but not today. He has not been himself the last day or two.

Here we are back at home, xrays show do blockage, but they are sending the xrays to a radiologist to make sure. They drew blood, and those results will be back tomorrow afternoon, or Tuesday morning. Until then they filled him full of fluids and anti vomiting meds. I dont know if you can see the huge hump on his neck right behind his head, but it is a huge hump under the skin that they filled full of fluids that his body will absorb over the next 12 hours. Poor thing can't drink or eat for the next 12 hours, not that he has been eating at all. I haven't seen him eat in 3 days. If he doesn't vomit in the next 12 hours be can have a small amount of water. And if can hold that down he can a small amount of food in the morning if he wants it. Now we just wait to here back from the doctor, if he doesn't get worse, if he gets worse she said to bring him back.