Monday, December 30, 2013

Information Super Highway

I have been on vacation for the last week, and I don't go back until the 6th.(Yay!) Besides feeding animals, bringing firewood, and visiting family members, I haven't done a whole a lot of anything. I have tons and tons of magazines, Mother Earth News, Hobby Farm, Bee Culture, you get the idea. Any kind of magazine that a want a be homesteader would read, I have it in stacks some where. It kind of looks like a scene from the show, hoarders. I got to thinking, why am I hanging on to these, you can go onto any of their websites and get any past article that you would ever want. So I went and bought a really nice notebook/journal and I started the long process of reading or skimming, all depends on the articles, of all these magazines. If I come across any interesting ideas, or something like the best varieties of lettuce to grow ,I write in my journal. I can't tell you how many magazines I have gone threw the last couple days, but the recycling man is not going to be happy next Tuesday. I feel like I have accomplished something and the house is starting to look better. So now I am wondering why I have these subscriptions in the first place. With the invention of the internet, why do I need them? It is nice and to set in front of wood stove with some tea, and a cool magazine, in the dead of winter and dream of greener days to come. Well back to reading some more, by the way, why would I keep old seed catalogs from three and four years ago. I must be a hoarder!