Saturday, September 14, 2013

A beatiful fall day.

The chores are endless today! The chicken coops need cleaned and new straw put down. The yard needs weed wacked and mowed. We have a pool that I started tearing apart because we don't use any more. The fire wood pile needs moved to the fire wood shed. More fire wood needs cut, split and stacked. The wood stove needs cleaned, the door gasket replaced, and the chimney swept. Several trees need trimmed. The garden needs cleaned up. Some fall crops need planted. The list can go on for ever. And I am sitting here with a tweaked back wondering how the heck I am going to do all this today. The good news is the boys are coming home for a visit today, maybe they will feel like helping dad out. Ha ha that's was funny. Ohh.... I did manage to get some garlic ordered. Enough whinning time to go see what I can get done. I'll post some pix later.