Saturday, September 14, 2013

Todays Excitement

I was over moving firewood and my wife called me over and pointed toward the yard, I look around the corner and what do I see? A huge swarm of bees leaving my hive. I have never seen a swarm of bees leaving the hive, I have seen when they have landed, but never leaving the actual hive. One word, awesome! Until I realize I am about to loose a hive. Luckily they land in a tree not far away, and not too high. So my next problem is I have absolutely no more equipment, because I have caught three other swarms this year from other hives, not mine. So I have a bottom board, honey supers and the nastiest frames you have ever seen. So I put together a honey super with the nicest, of the nastiest frames I could find, a piece of plywood and bricks on top. I don't have inner or outer cover.I hope this works. In I go. So long story short I caught the hive and now I have seven hives.