Monday, September 16, 2013

Honey Time

It may be a little late, but late than never. I have 4 honey supers on 4hives. On 1 hive I took out 4 capped honey frames, the other 5 are full but not capped yet. The second hive must have had a swarm I didn't catch, only had a few frames of honey but not capped all the way. I took those frames and put them on the first hive, and took the honey super off along with the empty frames and did whole hive inspection. I have a queen and eggs and brood just very low population. The third hive I didn't have an excluder on it either it also had about 3 frames of brood a couple frames of full honey and a lot of frames of honey not capped. The fourth hive did have an excluder and I got about 5 frames of capped honey and about 4 frames not capped. So I took more empty frames from the second hive and refilled the honey super. Crossing my fingers that Ohio weather will hold out and all the uncapped honey will be capped in a few weeks.
That was the good news, now the bad news. One of the swarms I caught back in July is pretty much non existent. Their numbers are very low, very little brood. I didn't see any eggs or a queen. I may just combine it with the swarm I just caught on Saturday. Normally I am done with the bees this time of the year, but like everything else time got away from me.