Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wanna be mama.

This is our turkey hen, Sweetie, she is heritage breed, Sweet grass. She usually has a very sweet disposition, hence her name Sweetie. She always follows me around whistling at me. When I had to bury our beloved Rocko dog, a month ago she was watching me through the fence in the back of the pasture cooing at me like she knew something was wrong.

Well its a different game now, she wants to be a mama so bad, she is sitting on chicken eggs. I figure what the heck if she wants to ,Ill let her. The problem is when I go to get eggs she bites. Now I have been pecked by mama chickens before. If they hit you in the back of the hand ,ya it hurts a little. When Sweetie bites ,its not a peck, she grabs fingers and thumbs and she doesn't let go. She also hisses at you. She has become a total little b@#$%h. November is around the corner, if you know what I mean, I thought about keeping the pair, Sweetie and Tom to see if they would give me baby turkeys, but I tried that this past year and it just wasn't happening. So do I give them one more year or no?