Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bee vaccum Part 1

First of all let me give credit where credit is due, this is not my design. I got it from
That being said, I have been out on 2 swarm calls this year and I got a third yesterday. A gentleman is tearing down a house and there is an established hive in the floor. I went out and looked and it is huge. The lady of the house says its been there off and on since 1984. That's what I said, since 1984? Anyway I need a bee vac. I have always wanted to build one. So here is my copying the website above, I am trying to show step by step photos so others can do the same. So I hope these help someone when trying to make there own bee vac. Stay tuned for part two the upper box.
I cut 1x4 to match my super.

I then used a piece of 1x2 to make a ramp. It is more gentle on the bees when they enter.

I glued and nailed everything together.

I used some scrap to support the ends of the ramp.

This properly isn't necessary, but I had a tube laying around so I chalked all edges where the ramp is going to make I get good suction.

Installed the ramp, glue and nails.

A preview of what it looks like.

I used a 2 1/2 hole saw for hose opening.

Almost done with part one.

The last step I installed 5/16 thick by 3/4 wide double sided weather stripping to the top edge. I will leave the tape on the top edge so it doesn't stick to the super. This should ensure I get good suction.