Sunday, September 22, 2013

Honey Harvest

Last Monday I pulled nine frames of honey off the hives, and its been sitting in the garage every since. There are nine more frames on the hives not totally capped yet, hopefully Ohio weather will cooperate and the girls will finish capping them. Today I harvested what was sitting in the garage.
Using heat knife to uncap.

Uncappings, will drain, then melt down the wax.

Straining the honey


Empting the extractor, I thought it would go a lot slower its only in the lower 60s today.

The first straining.


The honey before the second straining.

The second straining


The army of honey bears starts to take formation.

The army of honey bears are ready to march, 8oz each, total of 20lbs.

About 28lbs of pure goodness!